Knowing in the Wild
Co-creating global federated knowledge gardens.

Our Mission

To augment collaborative human and ecosystem capacity to perceive and to wisely address complex local and global issues.

In all deliberations, consider onto the 7th generation.

How We Do It

We provide web portals and tools for building customizable persistent knowledge gardens, cultivated by ongoing software and attending humans. Gardens let you add, question, relate, and visualize information around topics and challenges. They host social forms such as guilds engaged in quests around issues. And they can be federated to promote sharing in a world of heterogeneous knowledge resources.

Our first offering is SenseCraft, a game-based conversation platform.

Why It Matters

Numerous topics require our urgent attention, both individually and in groups. Health (disease research; patient support groups); economy (poverty, nature of wealth, finance); climate change; world games – for these and others TopicQuests can provide persistent local and topical stores of knowledge, tied into a global federation.

How Knowledge Gardens Foster Better Understanding: