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TopicQuests develops topic-oriented knowledge gardens which are tied together in a global federation. A knowledge garden is a repository of knowledge that is ongoingly cultivated through software agencies and human collaboration. The software provides semantic and intelligent services to capture, annotate, inter-relate, topic-map, navigate, and display relevant knowledge. It also supports organizing participants into guilds which guide the software around particular issues, periodically engage in learning journeys (quests), and configure quest outcomes in the form of dynamic views and perspectives.

MVP-1 (need a name)

MVP-1 is a Minimum Viable Product release of TQPortal: a TopicQuests collaboration web portal. It allows individuals to add resources found on the World Wide Web into the garden (using a bookmarklet), where they are further cultivated by knowledge gardening software processes. Participants can also take part in realtime multi-user structured conversations, which also become part of the garden. Groups can organize themselves into guilds, identify issues which become the subject of quests, and engage in those quests. A quest can be structured as a game, or as a collaborative endeavour to produce an outcome, the form of which can range from a document to, for example, a situation room.

Use Cases

TQPortal to support research into and coping with a specific disease or medical condition.

TQPortal with game structures to competitively and collaboratively explore issues and their solutions.

Personal TQPortal: all about my information important to me.

Request Access to MVP-1.

Access to TQ MVP is currently by invitation only. To request an invitation and to have your email address registered with the system, contact jackpark@topicquests.org.


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